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Jurismus General Assembly & Catch Up Meeting

Dear all,

thank you for joining the Jurismus Annual General Meeting and Zoom Catch-Up on Friday 18 June 1 – 3pm CET.

We started with the AGM, followed by an opportunity to catch up with your Jurismus colleagues and get to know them better.  We played a game of “Truth or Lie” so everyone came armed with two statements about themselves, one truth and one lie - the task was for all Jurismus colleagues to guess which is which! The statements were about any topic, silly or serious e.g. “I can hold my breath for a full 2 minutes”, “I speak 4 languages fluently”, “I've swum with sharks” , “I am dual qualified” , “I own 5 cats”!

We also established our new Jurismus Board - congratulations to all new and remaining members and thank you to those who are leaving for their great work and contributions with Jurismus!

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